Wixapol S.A. is a musical, aesthetic, and social project that uses a 20-year+ heritage of hardcore genres and radical rave varieties from gabber and trance to hardstyle and pumping house, with a particular emphasis on the Polish strains. It confronts these interests and redefines extreme peripheries in techno culture via internet aesthetics, memes, and accelerationism.

“Wixapol” is a wordplay inspired by the 1990s – “wixa” is Polish slang for “partying hard” or “raving”, and “pol” is a reference to the early days of Polish capitalism, when everyone was registering their own company. As the crew explains, most of these companies had random names, but they always ended in “pol” for “Poland”. “S.A.”, the Polish equivalent of the German “e.V.” or “GmbH”, is an acronym referencing hypercapitalism.

The first Wixapol party took place in 2012 in Warsaw. In last few years, the crew, which is headed by DJs Sporty Spice, Mikouaj Rejw, and Torrentz.eu, has engendered an entire scene devoted to a revival of hard dance energy among younger generations of Polish ravers. Their parties now have local editions throughout the entire country and have come to represent a unique cultural and musical movement based on strong identity and an anything-goes, irreverent attitude. Electronic Beats describes Wixapol as a party “by trolls, for trolls” – their agenda is to break the constraints of genre, tempo, taste, and social difference. In the words of DJ Torrenz.eu, “We can bring together football hooligans and LGBT people and have them dance together to the same music and have fun at the same party. It can be their first common denominator. People are very separated politically in Poland, so I think that’s a step forward.”


Berghain, Fri 02.02.2018, 22:00

Kilbourne, KABLAM, DJ Panic, HAJ300, Marc Acardipane, HDMIRROR, Darkraver, WIXAPOL S.A., Philip Vermeulen – "Physical Rhythm Machine_Boem Boem" with Lakuti, Sam Barker