We Will Fail[PL]

Annotated as “peculiar techno” by the artist herself, Aleksandra Grünholz’s We Will Fail pseudonym brings a unique aesthetic of collaged sound work that sentimentally oscillates between grainy drone rattle and atmospheric fragility. Born of a synthesis in field recordings, tape samples, synthesizers and electronic drum kits, Grunholz’s second life is braided into her expression as a graphic designer.

Grunholz resides in Warsaw, where she runs her creative studio and works for the editorial department of M/I music magazine. Paradoxically to her trade, she admits to spending much of her free time on making music. Her debut album, Verstörung 2.0, was released on Monotype Rec. in 2014. In following her own design decisions for its release, Grunholz aims to add specific meaning to her music – a synesthesia of sorts.

She often collaborates with visual artists and other musicians, while working with the artistic group OKO and a musical duo named Tirips (with Piotr Tkacz). She has attributed Autechre’s IDM limited edition release Incunabula, as being one of the single most significant sources of musical inspiration.

Xeno III

Berghain, Thu 29.01.2015, 22:00

We Will Fail, Amnesia Scanner, Gazelle Twin, Suicideyear, Evian Christ live, Volte-Face