Tommi Keränen[FI]

A practitioner of experimental electronic music since late 1990s, Helsinki-based producer and noise figurehead Tommi Keränen primarily works with live electronics and computers with customized software, creating multi-layered, engrossing amalgams of abstract sound.

His current interests pivot around primitive electronics, generative methods, non-standard digital synthesis, and chaotic feedback systems.

His discography counts over two dozen releases ranging from underground tapes to acclaimed works such as Bats in the Attic (Pica Disk, 2010), a critic’s pick of The Wire in 2010 and his subsequent full length, Moon Over Torrelorca (Ljud & Bild Produktion, 2011), recorded on Serge and Buchla modular synthesizers at the EMS electronic music studio in Stockholm.

Keränen co-designed and implemented a generative, neural network-controlled sound installation together with Florian Hecker and Cerith Wyn Evans, which has been permanently installed in the Hijmans van der Bergh building of Utrecht University. He has also designed and implemented custom computer music tools and instruments for composers Lasse Marhaug, Sunn O)))’s Peter Rehberg, and Kevin Drumm, for The Hafler Trio’s performance/event ''''''' in Århus, Denmark, and for the Metsä exhibition by Santeri Touri at EMMA in Espoo, Finland. He has also collaborated with minimalist luminary Phill Niblock, among numerous other esteemed artists.

Keränen performs solo and with Norwegian noise duo Testicle Hazard, as well as the groups Gentle Evil, Les Manures, and The Truckfuckers.

Sounds Like Kurenniemi

HAU2, Fri 31.01.2014, 20:00

Erkki Kurenniemi "On-Off", "Saharan Uni I", and "Antropoidien tanssi", "Project QRZ" with Mikko Ojanen, CM von Hausswolff, Tommy Keränen, Mika Vainio "DIMI when acting as A – leviathan", Lucky Dragons "Make A Baby"

Im Balance

Stattbad III, Sat 01.02.2014, 23:59

1991, Karen Gwyer, Tommi Keränen, Basic House, Lumisokea