Theo Burt / The Automatics Group[UK]

Theo Burt (b.1979, Falmouth, UK) works with computer sound and image. He makes extensive use of automatic systems, setting up tensions between the intelligibility of processes and the intuitive experiencing of their results.

Burt’s ongoing sound and geometry projects Colour Projections & Tiling Sessions are presented internationally in installations, live performances, and screenings. He is currently collaborating with Tim Wright (Germ, Tubejerk) on a new sound and light project, Bastard Structures 2.

As part of The Automatics Group he undertakes projects investigating issues of control, representation, autonomy and formalism. His first sound collaboration for The Automatics Group, entitled Auto 17, was produced with Peter Worth and released on Russell Haswell’s Or/Touch label in 2010. The work explored the physical indeterminacies in an EMS VCS3 synth through a series of raw, autonomous recordings. His second, ongoing project for The Automatics Group, Summer Mix, presents automatic transformations of anthemic Eurotrance music and was released to acclaim on Entr’acte in 2011.

Rave Undead I

HAU2, Tue 29.01.2013, 20:00

Mark Leckey, Theo Burt / The Automatics Group, Lorenzo Senni