The Pitch[DE/NL/NO]

A quartet  of bass, vibraphone, clarinet, and harmonium, that explores the tension between tone, pitch, duration, and interaction, The Pitch use bass patterned structures in prescribed combinations to create “liquid music”.

The Pitch was formed in 2009 by Michael Thieke (clarinet), Koen Nutters (acoustic bass), Morten Olsen of MoHa! (vibraphone/percussion), and Boris Baltschun (electric pump organ / function generator). The quartet is at times expanded with guest musicians and additional conceptual elements to undertake large-scale ensemble pieces such as Frozen Orchestra, which featured a number of musicians focusing on slowly evolving textures and the blending of instruments. A Pitch performance in Brussels was released as an LP, Transposition Zero, on French imprint Gaffer Records in 2010.


Subharchord – A Child Of The Golden Age

Funkhaus Nalepastr., Sat 02.02.2013, 12:00

Ina Pillat, Gerhard Steinke, Carsten Seiffarth, Frederic Rzewski, Frank Bretschneider, Biosphere & The Pitch