Teki Latex[FR]

Photo by Sandrine Castellan.

French hip-and-pop hit, Julien Pradeyrol was born in Paris in 1978, and became a music sensation with his 2007 "Les Matins de Paris” internet-spun release. He is the head of hip-hop and electronica label Institubes and its Sound Pellegrino sublabel, having earned his stripes while part of the French hip-hop project TTC.

Revealing himself through affiliation with alternative hip-hop experiment TTC, Pradeyrol collaborated on the group’s three album releases between 2002 and 2007, and fronts guest appearances on hip-hop and electro albums including Dj Vadim, Modeselektor, Daedelus, and more.

His solo album, Party de plaisir, was recorded with French 1980s pop singer Lio and peaked at number 14 in France, while Pradeyrol signed with EMI Music. His second Mes Pelures Sont Plus Belles Que Vos Fruits (2009) street album came out on Pradeyrol’s Institubes label, meanwhile inspiring the formation of the Sound Pellegrino sublabel that makes a home for club music from both France and abroad. Julien Pradeyrol now performs solo as Teki Latex or in duo as the Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team with labelmate Orgasmic. Their music tends to exist as a hybrid on the fringe of electronic influences like techno or house with a hip-hop waddle.

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