Stefan Römer[DE]

Stefan Römer has been making performances and sound since the mid-1980s beside his extensively working on exhibitions and films.

Under the pseudonym Stanley, he has released the single "The Extension of the Alphabet" (1987), the cassette Normal Citizen (2007), and has released and appeared regularly with the band Stan Back & The Noise Glam (The Ups and Downs of a Hermeneutical Transvestite, 2011, and Nervous Politics, 2015).

Sound, Psychedelics, Repetition, (Dis-)Function

Kunstquartier Studio 1, Sun 28.01.2018, 14:00

Stefan Römer, Henrik Jungaberle, Ivo Gurschler

Decon Sound Performance

Kunstquartier Studio 1, Sun 28.01.2018, 18:00

Stefan Römer