Japanese DJ and producer Shins-K is a self-described "dubstractic junglist" who plays left-of-centre techno with a b-boy attitude. Now based in Berlin, Shins-K plays sets that roam freely across the borders of bass music, hip hop, techno and dub, defying genre with occasional forays into noise or traditional sounds from across Africa and the Middle East. 

His offbeat productions brush up against dread-weight steppers like Kahn and DMZ, marked also by ghost trails of glitchy, Autechre-style IDM drums and the murky sound design of Shifted and Vatican Shadow. Following a handful of tracks released on Moniker Eggplant and Pinecone Moonshine, he teamed up with fellow dark techno and dubstep specialist Ena on a joint track for Goth-Trad’s Back to Chill label compilation MUGEN. He also curated AIWA!, a 2016 event sponsored by MusicBoard Berlin that brought locally based artists together with musicians from the Arab world and ran the gamut from alternative hip hop, beats, rap and poetry to electronic, experimental and traditional music.


YAAM I, Sat 04.02.2017, 23:00

LSDXOXO, Muqata'a, Tommy Genesis, Nadia Rose, Miss Red, Shins-K