René Bosch[DE]

Photo by Eva Luise Hoppe

René Bosch works as a social editor at VICE Media since April 2017. He is currently leading the social media operations of the investigative and IT magazine “Motherboard.” He is founder of the Twitter Blog “The Dscherman” and former contributor to German media outlets such as “Der Tagesspiegel,” “Krautreporter,” and “Die Zeit”. René studied in Berlin, Nice, Ratisbon and St. Petersburg, and currently he lives in Berlin. 

Moderating On- and Offline Spaces

Kunstquartier Projektraum, Fri 02.02.2018, 15:00

Coral Foxworth, Lauren Goshinski, Luz Diaz, René Bosch, Smiley Baldwin, Stella Plazonja, Christine Kakaire