Renaissance Man[FI/DE]

Martti Kalliala and Ville Haimala have already long been known for their relentlessly playful techno inventions as Renaissance Man. The duo was born in the Helsinki architecture office where they both worked before moving to Berlin. Their first EP, Spraycan, was put out in 2009 on London’s Dubsided Records.

Renaissance Man’s most recent output was brought into the world thanks to Kalliala and Haimala’s own imprint, Black Ocean. Formed in 2013, the label first released the Renaissance Man EP Early Man, and since then it's put out material by like-minded musical stuntmen Soda Plains, M.E.S.H., Initiative, and N’Bome, as well as Renaissance remixes of M.E.S.H. and DJ Richard creations. The pair’s penchant for playful, patchwork-style rhythmic innovation is marked by a characteristic use of colourful video game sound effects (gun cocking, cha-chings) and harsh drum kicks. Luckily for us, Kalliala and Haimala’s playfulness always serves an inaudible but overpowering command: "dance."

Polynodes I

Werkstatt der Kulturen, Sat 30.01.2016, 22:00

Praed, Maurice Louca, Batuk, Pharoah Chromium, Dis Fig, NAAFI feat. Paul Marmota & Zutzut, Renaissance Man, Sublime Frequencies, Ziad Nawfal