Ramberto Agozalie[ID]

Ramberto Agozalie is a percussionist and member of Indonesian experimental punk band Zoo. For CTM 2019, he will perform both as part of the band, as well as with Kombo, a DIY platform that aims to facilitate and develop a dialogue between local and international improvisational music scenes.

Agozalie started Zoo alongside vocalist Rully Shabara from Senyawa in 2005. Their music mixes the drama of rock and metal (exemplified by lead singer Rully Shabara’s vocal acrobatics) together with experimental and ritualistic composition. The band's sound is heavy on percussion, and also incorporates wind and plucked instruments indigenous to Indonesia. Zoo will appear ahead of their forthcoming album, Khawagaka, on Yes No Wave. The record explores their own unique fictional universe, replete with its own culture, language, and religion.

Kombo will present a unique night of spontaneous music, and will see Agozalie perform with Shabara, experimental musician Bhakti Prasetyo, percussionist Cheryl Ong, experimental vocalist Kok Siew-Wai, improvisor Yuen Chee Wai, and Berlin-based musicians.


HAU2, Sat 02.02.2019, 19:00

Andrea Neumann, Bhakti Prasetyo, Cheryl Ong, Kok Siew Wai, Marta Zapparoli, Raed Yassin, Ramberto Agozalie, Rully Shabara, Sabine Ercklentz, Yuen Chee Wai