Rainer Kohlberger[DE]

Rainer Kohlberger is an Austrian-born visual artist and filmmaker now based in Berlin. His work is primarily based on algorithmic composition with reductionist aesthetics influenced by flatness, drones, and interference.

Within Kohlberger's work, there always lies a layer of noise. He's fascinated by its sense of the infinite, which is both the ultimate abstraction and inveterately fuzzy. In his films, installations, and live performances, grandiose forms come into play.

Kohlberger will resume his collaboration with Iranian duo 9T Antiope, where he previously provided the live visuals for their performance at SET x CTM in Tehran, creating “[a]n immersive sonic narrative combined with overpowering visuals... an experience which managed to be both intellectually and emotionally moving.”

Beyond his collaboration with 9T Antiope, Kohlberger has also showcased his work at transmediale, Berlinale, and the Rotterdam International Film Festival, winning several prizes internationally.

As If We Existed

HAU2, Tue 29.01.2019, 19:00

9T Antiope & Rainer Kohlberger, Stefan Fraunberger