Radar Bird[KP]

Through My Speakers' Radar Bird claims to be neither person nor animal; rather the self-described "primary music" project aims to dissolve the boundaries between hip hop and electronica.

Taking influence from both time-tested and contemporary sounds, Radar Bird's productions draw from drum 'n bass, bass-house, juke, and rap and are all "about the love. The love for birds, machines, programs, knobs, ones, and zeros." Radar Bird's Homesick EP was released by T.M.S. in 2014.

Endo II

YAAM II, Sat 31.01.2015, 23:00

Through My Speakers feat. , Yo Van Lenz, Radar Bird, Nght Drps, Sarah Farina, Sabrina (She’s Drunk b2b Lefeu)