Houston native Eric Burton aka Rabit produces minimal, hard-edged grime. His 2015 LP Communion and 12” Baptizm were released on NYC’s Tri Angle, and his own Halcyon Veil label recently put out its first mix.  

Despite origins in the Southern United States, Burton’s music has always been deeply informed by an outward-looking taste. Following the 2012 release of Terminator on the Austin, Texas label #FEELINGS, his overseas connections resulted in the appearance of the EP Sunshowers on the Japanese Diskotopia as well as a handful of singles, including a split with Logos, on Dublin’s Glacial Sound. His work acts as an emotionally extroverted site for the exploration of sexuality, gender, embodiment, and injustice.

Grid Line

YAAM III, Sat 06.02.2016, 23:59

Why Be, Purpurrpurple, Rabit, Mumdance, Slick Shoota, Ticklish