Pouja Pour-Amin[IR]

Pouja Pour-Amin is an Iranian multi-instrumentalist, composer, and actor. Following from his collaborative performance at SET X CTM in Tehran with Rabih Beaini, Pour-Amin brings his ensemble to this year’s festival.

During the past decade, Pour-Amin has been involved in different music scenes, working with Tehran’s Camerata contemporary music ensemble, composing and playing double-bass, as well as performing in Migrain Sq with Nima Aghiani and Sara Bigdeli Shamloo (aka 9T Antiope). Pour-Amin is also a long term collaborator with Siavash Amini, contributing to his records not only as a sound engineer but also playing bass on TAR, as well as on Amini and Matt Finney's collaborative album Familial Rot on Umor Rex.

Pour-Amin’s own compositions reflect his interdisciplinary approach to arts, particularly in film and theatre in Iran. Pour-Amin contributed to the sound design and music of the play Timeloss, which has toured across Europe since 2013, and also wrote the eponymously titled Exterior Wash for a short film by Jaber Ramrzani. Exterior Wash was subsequently included in the compilation Absence, released on London label Flaming Pines, which showcased Iran’s experimental electronic scene. The track demonstrates Pour-Amin’s compositional approach as a “duality of noise and melody [that] forms a meshing of darkness and light.” In a similar fashion, Pour-Amin also contributed ‘Untitled’ to Sote’s Girih compilation in 2018, which contained long-bowed drones on the artist’s favoured double bass.

For this year’s edition of CTM, Pouja Pour-Amin will present his ensemble, which features Deniz Tafaghody and Daniele De Santis. Elements of folk and jazz drawing from Tehran’s rich contemporary music scene are mixed with synthesised, electronic soundscapes, representing each performers’ artistic backgrounds.

As If We Could Share

HAU1, Thu 31.01.2019, 19:00

Khyam Allami, Rabih Beaini & Pouja Pour-Amin Ensemble