Moscow-based artist Alexey Devyanin aka Pixelord has released on the likes of Leisure System and Infinite Machine. His most recent output is the IDM-influenced HUMAN.EXE, which appeared in 2016 on Hyperboloid alongside a short film by Dima Terem.

The film latches onto dystopian sci-fi aesthetics, accompanied by music that marries IDM with UK bass and glitch. Devyanin’s style is hugely informed by his background as a visual artist; other constants in his output as Pixelord include slick production and a fascination with the future, as evidenced in his last release, HUMAN.EXE. At times somber and at others ecstatic, the LP tells the story of a robot who desires to be human but must remain an .exe file.

Pixelord is inspired by a range of influences, including video games and web aesthetics. His interest in electronic music was sparked after exposure to the likes of Aphex Twin and Squarepusher, whose influences on his music are audible. Devyanin has remixed the likes of Eprom, 813, and Machinedrum. He runs Terminal Dream with Gultskra Artikler, and has performed everywhere from Russian arcades to venues such as Beijing’s Dada and Hamburg’s Golden Pudel.

CTM 2018 Phase Out II

SchwuZ II, Sun 04.02.2018, 22:00

GOOOOOSE, 33EMYBW, ZULI, DJ Storm, Pixelord