Piotr Kurek[PL]

Piotr Kurek is a Polish composer and multi-instrumentalist who straddles the worlds of free jazz, musique concrète, psychedelia, and drone. Kurek collects vintage sound equipment, and has debuted several collaborative and solo albums while sometimes diverting to production in dance and theater. He is affiliated with record labels including Ambush (London), Kool.POP (Berlin), and Crónica (Porto).

Born in Biłgoraj in 1978, Kurek studied classical piano and played the drums before turning his gaze out to genre-bending music styles in theater and the electronic world. In the late 1990’s he co-founded the electronic group Ślepcy, considered a pioneering tour-de-force in Poland’s experimental movement. In 2000 the group recorded their debut album for the Berlin-based Kool.POP label. The result is a blend of restless melodies with metallic breaks that work well into the absence of classification that Kurek has grown to represent through his work.

With his 2009 solo album, Lectures, Kurek began work with the Portuguese label Crónica, the Polish cultural center Crossroads, and the audio-visual collective kilku.com. That same year, he authored a play at the Poznań Malta Festival, titled “Powidok Miejski” (View of A City). Currently the composer also collaborates with London’s Unknown Public and the Lublin Dance Theatre.

Kurek’s most recent solo release, Edena, (2012), on Wrocław label Sangoplasmo, is a melodic tour through a haunted harpsichord, the Nord Electro synthesizer. The pitch-bent voices on the tracks leave a psychedelic impression that’s retro familiar while remaining light and organic.

Piotr Kurek currently lives and works in Warsaw.


HAU1, Thu 29.01.2015, 19:30

Piotr Kurek, Craig Leon