Philipp Gorbachev & The Naked Man[RU]

Photo: Studio Parvulescu

Naked Man is the Man of the Future

Philipp Gorbachev, Russian born artist, musician and performer («Mental Dynamite» Tsugi, June 2014) is one of the busiest Cómeme artists around. His energetic solo live set and original dance music productions / collaborations (In The Delta EP, Hero Of Tomorrow EP, Isaac Johan EP) brought him across the globe, with highlight gigs ranging from the Corona Capital in Mexico City to the WIRE stadium techno rave in Tokyo.

Philipp Gorbachev and The Naked Man was born to complete the young Russian’s Silver Album debut, and to invent a way to perform it with a band. The 3-piece band premiered their Silver Album-inspired high-energy live at Boiler Room Berlin in June 2014. 

While working on a live album for 2015, Philipp Gorbachev and the Naked Man confirmed their first public show at the CTM 2015 Festival in Berlin on the 24th of January. The band just dropped a live video of «Distance», a track off their the Silver Album, mixed by Paul Leary (alt music producer and core member of cult Texas rock band the Butthole Surfers). «Distance» is the first chapter rising from the musical crossroads between the spirit of Techno, Cómeme, and original Russian Dance Music.



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