Perera Elsewhere[DE]

London-born, Berlin-based producer, multi-instrumentalist, and DJ Sasha Perera launched her solo endeavor, Perera Elsewhere, in 2013. The project forays into minimal, semi-acoustic, and abstract sonic territories.

Perera was initially known as the songwriter and raging frontwoman of the bass-heavy, mongrel avant-pop band Jahcoozi, which she formed with Robot Koch in the early 2000s. With her Grimetime parties and a radio show that began in 2004, she also helped grime and dubstep infiltrate Berlin.

Her first “#doom_folk” tunes as Perera Elsewhere reached the airwaves via the Los Angeles imprint Friends of Friends. These new experiments interwove organic timbres, electronic elements, and haunting vocal passages together, communicating pop-tinged atmospheres that are at once dystopian and blissful. 

Her debut album, Everlast, featured a star-studded lineup of guests – Gonja Sufi showed up on the hypnotic "Giddy"; label-buddy Shlohmo remixed the horror-ballad "Light Bulb"; and Hype Williams reworked the cutting, au-courante protest song "Bizarre". All Of This, the second Perera Elsewhere album, was released in June 2017. Using eerie ambient textures, adventurous psychedelic pop, avant-R&B, and experimental folk, it addresses issues such as gated communities, over-consumption, the self-obsessive ego, constant background noise, and the inescapability of contemporary echo chambers.

Perera's DJ sets are known for sparring cerebral bass music with hybrids of post-modern club music. They reflect her own polyrhythmic musical leanings – 2step/ UK garage, dancemania, post-everything-step, dungeon bass, bashment, IDM, footwork, juke, jungle, drum and bass, and more all feature.

As If We Could Imagine

Festsaal Kreuzberg, Sat 02.02.2019, 19:30

Perera Elsewhere, A Tribe Called Red


Panorama Bar, Thu 01.02.2018, 23:00

Perera Elsewhere, Jason Hou, Jana Rush, Champion with MC Serious, Hyph11E