Perel immersed herself in Berlin’s club scene after relocating to the city from her native Saxony. Ever since, she has made a name for herself as an eclectic DJ and cunning producer alike.

Annegret Fiedler can now be heard playing DJ sets at internationally acclaimed clubs like ://about:blank, or through her slew of internationally acclaimed mixes. In 2016, her mixes caught the attention of Tim Sweeney, who invited her into his studio for his Beats In Space radio show. Fiedler boasts an impressive knack for analyzing a crowd, complimented by her skillful ability to improvise.

Perel’s extensive sets are informed by a lush and harmonically rich sound that can be heard in her own productions as well. She seamlessly blends disco, house, and techno, moving across unexpected twists and unforeseen endings. Fiedler prefers to shake things up and to tweak established formulas rather than to fall back on conventions. She has released on O*RS, Mile End, and Italy’s finest Rebirth, and recently released a single via DFA records. The experienced songwriter’s sound showcases a profound knowledge of dance music’s inner workings and a willingness to dive deeply into the fringes of pop music both old and new.