It is fitting that Londoner patten’s own conceptual imprint is called Kaleidoscope; his own productions shift and refract light in similar ways to the instrument, cycling through series of patterns and never settling the same way twice.

The abstruse producer is recognized for the way he develops new trajectories for recorded sound in live, performative settings. His early releases for Kaleidoscope, There Were Horizons (2007) and Sketching the Tesseract (2008), were followed by the fractured and tripped-out full length GLAQJO XACCSSO on cult label No Pain In Pop. The album was praised throughout experimental and avant-garde musical circles as a unique amalgam of styles from the London underground.

Since GLAQJO XACCSSO’s release in 2011, patten has concentrated on live performance and the production of select remixes for artists, and has re-entered  the production sphere with a new release on seminal U.K. label Warp. His five track EP, EOLIAN INSTATE, is a limited-edition, 500-issue vinyl with artwork by visual artist Jane Eastlight, who also directed the videos for tracks “Aviary” and “Towards Infinite Shores”. The EP launch party in London featured a DJ/re-edit set from the producer himself and a live set from Karen Gwyer, whose acclaimed 2012 tape release I’ve Been You Twice was released on Kaleidoscope and who has likewise released on No Pain In Pop. patten also recently presented a live AV set at London’s Tate Gallery as part of a label showcase for the gallery’s Late at Tate series.

A full length release is forecast for 2014.

Dis Arrange

Stattbad II, Sat 01.02.2014, 23:30

patten, Sasha Go Hard, Fatima al Qadiri, M.E.S.H., Lotic