Panagiotis Tomaras[NL]

A multi-disciplinary visual artist and filmmaker, Panagiotis Tomaras, works with a varying toolbox of analogue and digital mediums that further investigate the sensory experience through films, installations, and video mapping projections. His current research focuses on audiovisual material derived from data on the human senses. Tomaras has been making visuals for EBM legends ClockDVA since 2013.

Born in Athens in 1985, where he received a BA in Photography and an MA in the Digital Arts, Tomaras now operates from the Hague, where he also went on to be awarded a Masters of Music at ArtScience Interfaculty.

Tomaras has created commissioned work for theater, opera, and commercials, also participating and winning several competitions such as the Athens International Digital Film Festival, and the Best Visuals Award at Incubate Festival 2013. Tomaras was the curator for the International Festival of Digital Arts and New Media of Greece in 2012 and 2013, while a selection of his photo work is part of the permanent collection at the Photography Museum of Greece.

For industrial EMB Sheffield group ClockDVA, Tomaras created the animations that went on to win him the Incubate Festival title. He is currently the artistic director for the Luminous light festival of Ioannina, Greece.