Under the name Oneirogen, New York based composer and multi-instrumentalist Mario Diaz de Leon creates hallucinatory washes of sound with electric guitar, electronics, and acoustic instruments.

A debut album of Diaz de Leon’s works for acoustic instruments and electronics, entitled Enter Houses Of, was released on John Zorn’s Tzadik label in 2009, to critical acclaim from publications such as Impose Magazine, The Chicago Reader, New Music Box, Pepper Zone, Touching Extremes, and The Bangkok Post. Time Out New York included included it in their “Best of 2009″ list, extolling: “A startling new compositional voice exploded out of this disc, with wistful melodies haunting an abrasive mix of modernist integrity and anarchic noise”, while the New York Times praised the disc for its “hallucinatory intensity.”

Diaz de Leon’s newest album, Hypnos (2012, Denovali), finds the composer again focused on his style of hallucinatory music, merging ethereal synths, brutal distortion, noise, and dark ambient sounds. The album takes its title from the Greek god of sleep, who, through close association with the night, death, and dreams, embodies the eerie descent into the otherwordly that is felt through de Leon’s music. Framed by techniques of modern composition, metal, and noise electronics, Diaz de Leon’s music recasts familiar elements in a revelatory new light.

Caustic Neverland

Berghain Kantine, Thu 31.01.2013, 20:00

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