Moscow DJ Olga Maksimova aka OMMA topped several polls last year in Russia. Journalists and broadcasters on the Moscow website Radio Follow Me have championed the OMMA project as an antidote to worrying trends.

"The profession of 'DJ' is increasingly discredited here with each and every year. For that reason alone, we value the work ethic of anyone who has chosen to be a DJ [and taken their job seriously]...OMMA is a multi-instrumentalist. That helps her move in different directions simultaneously. [First and foremost,] she's busy with the technology project known as Playtronica, in which everyday objects are turned into musical instruments. This leads to plenty of video footage, while Olga herself also participates in [one-woman] audio or visual performances, either as herself or as host of the Plavay club nights. In all instances she works very hard, studies [her craft], and consults with her peers. Whenever she falters, Olga nonetheless keeps pushing towards her goal." OMMA proves that hard work is a form of modern heroism.

CTM 2016 MusicMakers Hacklab Opening

Kunstquartier Projektraum, Fri 29.01.2016, 19:00

Ewa Justka, Peter Kirn, OMMA