Nora Turato[HR/NL]

Croatian-born and Amsterdam-based artist Nora Turato lays down the proverbial beats with her self-proclaimed “verbal vomit.” Turato fuses her strange, stream-of-consciousness spoken-word recitations with grunge-esque guitar distortion and echoing drum beats to create a distinct, evocative soundscape that blurs the lines between performance art, spoken word, hip hop, noise, and contemporary music. 

The Gerrit Rietveld Academy graduate studied graphic design and has been making music since she was 15. Turato’s self-described impulsive, intense, and talkative nature carries over to her music. She references conversation as major source of inspiration, citing her love of “complaining, criticising, questioning, reflecting and reviewing passionately” ( She released her debut EP, Girls Gotta Watch Out For Each Other That’s All, last year under the name Turato91.

Turato’s fresh, art school approach to rap and slam poetry is as fun and sexy as it is political. It will have you shaking your stimulated cerebrum.

CTM 2017 Opening Concert

HAU1, Sat 28.01.2017, 19:00

Nora Turato, Tanya Tagaq

Opening Concert Reprise

HAU1, Sun 29.01.2017, 19:00

Nora Turato, Tanya Tagaq