Nguyen Hong Giang[VN]

Photo by Morishita Ayane.

Nguyen Hong Giang is a Vietnamese producer, composer, and label head, currently based in Saigon. With 11 years of training at the Ho Chi Minh Conservatory behind him, he now works primarily with experimental noise music. 

Nguyen embodies an adventurous approach to making music, exploring sound generation through a variety of approaches and techniques. His arsenal includes computer, software, synthesis, tape manipulation, recordings, acoustic instruments, and analog effects. Nguyen employs his custom software, termed “The Architect,” for control, manipulation, and arrangement. 

Giang Records, a label that Nguyen founded in 2011, has shared his extensive output. Operating at the nexus of rock, soundtrack music, hip hop, and electronic music, Giang Records’ catalogue distills Nguyen’s affinities for video games, distortion, dark ambient, and black metal into a dynamic discography.

As If We Could Agree

Berghain Säule, Thu 31.01.2019, 22:00

Zanias, Rambo, Nguyen Hong Giang, C-drík, Lintang Radittya, Andreas Siagian & Peter Kirn, Sodadosa, AJA