Nah, or Michul Kuun, has an impressive slew of releases behind him. His output of the past year includes a hip-hop tinged EP titled True Beauty (And Other Things) via BONE SODAノノ as well as the self-released, ambient-veering Necessary Moods Vol. 1.

Both releases are comprised of playful and meandering lo-fi compositions, and capture a unique warmth that is characteristic of his productions. His discography stretches back to a self-released digital demo back in 2011 entitled “Demo”, and also include a number from Ranch Jams, such as Michael, Aged, and Same Fucking Line, among others.

Kuun’s output spans loose, ambient-leaning moments to frenetic, jazzy fragments, and even on to the comforting sounds of lo-fi hip hop. Tracks such as “hiver en neuf morceaux” evidence his versatility as an artist. His eccentric sound is well-captured on tunes such as the fragmented but catchy “lie” from just being alive and shit as well as the peculiar “follow thruu” from True Beauty (And Other Things)