Mo Loschelder[DE]

Photo by Udo Siegfriedt.

Mo Loschelder has been a crucial part of Berlin's club culture. After studying painting with Gerhard Richter in Düsseldorf, she moved to Berlin in 1991, establishing herself as a key force behind legendary venues Elektro and Panasonic, and became active as a DJ, producer, and label head of Elektro Music Department.

Now, she can be found running agency Media Loca. She has organised events such as Perspectives festival (2013), and Continuity and Change: Energy and Society after Fukushima (2014), and is also a co-curator of the Heroines of Sound Festival. Since 1998, she has been an active part of female:pressure, the international network of female and non-binary artists established by Electric Indigo.


Halle am Berghain II, Wed 30.01.2019, 16:00

With Mieko Suzuki and Mo Loschelder