A Philadelphia-based duo steeped in the city’s noise scene, Metasplice crafts planar-shifting, analogue techno, kinetic as an industrial steel sculpture and excruciatingly acute.

Following the MS I/II cassette for Injections Limited, Kenneth_Lay and V. Hold have released two EPs on Morphine Records, Topographical Interference (2012) and Decant/Churn (2013). Their critically acclaimed debut full length Intrafracts (Morphine), which dropped without any prior publicity, is an excavation of discomfort: a visceral, seething circuit through exposed nerves. Writer Rory Gibb likened the experience of listening to the track “IV Phenol” to “a brutal auditory approximation of how it might feel to have bleach injected directly into your veins: an all-encompassing, ultra-distorted low-end roar that wipes out any other external sensations, wracked by needle-sharp, burning high frequencies that arrive in rhythmic bursts, intensifying then diminishing the pain to the pulse of your weakening heartbeat. Bracing stuff.” (The Quietus)

Philadelphia noise scene and Metasplice affiliates _moonraker have also logged a number of similarly corrosive releases in the past several years, including the 2013 Lowjit Vagrants EP for Trilogy Tapes.

Metasplice perform for the first time in Germany at CTM 2014.

De Compress

Berghain, Fri 31.01.2014, 23:00

Opium Hum, Oake, Dasha Rush, TR \\ ER (Truss & Tessela), Concrete Fence, Metasplice, Helena Hauff