Melanie Schiller[NL]

Dr. Melanie Schiller is Assistant Professor of Media Studies and Popular Music atthe University of Groningen, where she teaches courses on contemporary audiovisual arts, mediality, narrativity, popular music, politics, and resistance.

She is the author of Soundtracking Germany: Popular Music and National Identity (Rowman & Littlefield, 2018). Currently, Schiller works on music and populism in the project entitled “Popular Music as a Medium for the Mainstreaming of Populist Ideologies in Europe”, an international collaboration with Oldenburg University(Germany), University of Technology and Economics in Budapest (Hungary), ScuolaNormale Superiore in Florence (Italy), and University of Music and Performing Arts inGraz (Austria), financed by the Volkswagen Foundation. This project explores the ways in which popular music functions as a medium for the mainstreaming of populist ideologies in Hungary, Austria, Italy, Germany, and Sweden, from a comparative perspective.

Researching the "Populist Turn" in European Mainstream Music

Kunstquartier Studio 1, Fri 01.02.2019, 14:00

Melanie Schiller, Mario Dunkel