Martin Tétreault[CA]

Photo by J.M. Roy.

Martin Tétreault is a leading figure in improvisation with turntables and other sound objects. Active for more than 35 years, his work has won international recognition.

A renowned sound artist with a background in the visual arts, Martin Tétreault is interested in the intrinsic qualities of the record player. Motor noises and static are central to his medium, and he utilizes specially prepared surfaces, needles, and small electronic instruments to explore them. His practice is entirely analogue. 

Tétreault has performed solo, and contributed work to various festivals and events involving music, performance, sound, dance, and media. He has released a number of works via Ambiances magnétiques, Erstwhile, Japanimprov, Oral, Victo, and Vand’œuvre, among others, and worked with collaborators such as Diane Labrosse, René Lussier, Érik M, Michel F Côté, i8u, Otomo Yoshihide, Xavier Charles, and Kid Koala. Tetreault also directs turntable quartet Quatuor de tourne-disques, which was founded in 2006.