LSDXOXO is the DJ and producer who has cemented his reputation as a contemporary queer club icon. He is known for nimble, high-octane DJ sets, in addition to releases such as the “Deliciously [o]ff-[k]ilter” (The Fader) Fuck Marry Kill and fiery BODY MODS.

LSDXOXO is known for his wild manipulations of pop sounds, often applying sex positive narratives to pop culture. His twisted takes on everything across the spectrum of R&B, pop culture, baile funk, Baltimore club, and ballroom has been a pioneering force on the continuum of transgressive club music. Raised in Philadelphia, LSDXOXO found a natural home in the scene that fomented around Venus X's infamous GHE20G0TH1K parties – bastions of both new club sounds and radical minoritarian politics. 

In 2015, LSDXOXO dropped Sacanagem (meaning "filthy" or "lewd" in Portuguese) – a tribute, he told Dazed, to the times both his lifestyle and music have been dubbed as such. It was followed by the Fuck Marry Kill mixtape, which emerged via GHE20GOTH1K’s eponymous label. Featuring a sinister remix of Kanye West's "Freestyle 4," it captured the vicissitudes of new club culture – strobing and defiant, digitally rendered in hi-def but still emotional. “Fuck Marry Kill isn't for the faint of heart," LSDXOXO told The FADER. "Fuck Marry Kill is the soundscape to that tumultuous love affair you just can't shake. Once you plug your earbuds in you'll either cry like a bitch, or get your 10s."

More recently, the Qween Beat affiliate dropped a smattering fiery edits in the form of BODY MODS, stoking the nascent hype around his forthcoming debut album. Envoking a mutant strain of ballroom, Baltimore club, and rave sounds, BODY MODS weaves a dynamic, unpredictable path across Kill Bill, Missy Elliott, N*E*R*D, and hardcore. 

When it comes to LSDXOXO’s DJ sets, “[c]ome for the big disc energy and stay for the Beyoncé sample.” (FACT) For CTM 2019, LSDXOXO will present the inaugural edition of new night Floorgasm, a queer-centric party focused on hard-hitting, uncompromising sounds. 


Griessmuehle II, Sat 26.01.2019, 23:00

Wallis, Juliana Huxtable, Pangaea, LSDXOXO


YAAM I, Sat 04.02.2017, 23:00

LSDXOXO, Muqata'a, Tommy Genesis, Nadia Rose, Miss Red, Shins-K