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Lex Lugner is a young producer from Salzburg now living in Vienna. He is the beat chef for Austrian cloud rap names like Yung Hurn and Crack Ignaz.

Lex was first put on the map with his instrumentals for Ernst Palicek’s 2014 hit “Summer in Wien” and Young Krillin’s “Harakiri pt.3” from the same year. His 2015 Wiener Linien EP with Yung Hurn was released by Salzburg-based label and collective Hanuschplatzflow, a crew devoted to advocating the “post-swag avant-garde”. In the process, they’re outspoken in rejecting the “labeling, stereotyping, and ignorance of the mainstream” and representing instead “openness, dynamism, and pluralism”. The group also stays true to local soil; of note is that unlike other European scenes touting hormonal hip-hop variants by young iPhone owners, Lex Lugner’s releases tracks in the local dialect.

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