Leslie García[MX]

Leslie García is an electronic sound artist and digital media developer from Tijuana. She explores de fusion process between art, science and technology. Co-founder of the electronic media collective DreamAddictive (Tijuana 2003-2010), she iscurrent member of Astrovandalistas (México City 2011-present) and research associate at Nucleo Laboratorial Nano de la Escola de Belas Artes – Universidad Federal do Rio de Janeiro (Rio de Janeiro 2012 – present).

Her work has been shown at festivals as well as both collective and individual exhibitions in spaces such as Media Lab Prado, Museo de Arte Reina Sofia, O1SJ, Museum of Latin American Arts, Piksel Festival, Ars Electronica in México, Centro Cultural de España, Public Art Lab de Berlin, NOMAD Center for media research, Museum of Contemporary Art in Szczecin, Museum of Latin American Art, Transitio_mx, LabSurLab2, Hip3rorganicos, Nuvem estación de arte y tecnología, ISEA, Mutek_MX, Transmediale, CTM Berlin, NIME 2014 London, and Sight & Sound Montreal among others.

García is currently a grant holder from the ECAS (European Cities of Advance Sound) network with her project, "Interspecifics". She was also awarded twice the young creators multimedia programme grant from the Mexican National Fund for Culture and Arts in 2008 and 2012 for her projects "UberSonic" and "Pulsu(m) Plantae". As part of the Astrovandalistas collective she developed the project "AeffectLab" for the Museum of Latin American Art in California, supported by the Andy Warhol Foundation.

CTM 2015 MusicMakers Hacklab Opening

Kunstquartier Projektraum, Fri 23.01.2015, 19:00

Leslie Garcia, Marco Donnarumma, Sarah Miles

MusicMakers Hacklab – Tuning Machines Finale

HAU2, Sun 01.02.2015, 17:00

Performances by Hacklab participants