Photo by Nadine Seidler.

LCavaliero is an organizer, booker, DJ and performer. Currently he is the artistic co-director at SchwuZ, one of the largest queer clubs in Berlin and one of the longest-running, existing for 40 years. Besides organising parties for a diverse LGBTIQ audience LCavaliero conceptualises and organises a wide range of events such as concerts, shows, exhibitions, film screenings and panel discussions.

He holds a master’s degree in gender studies and philosophy and has been involved in queer activism and event organisation since 2005. This includes festivals, conferences, shows, parties, fundraising-events and workshops. LCavaliero is the host/emcee at different shows, political events, rallies and panel discussions and he has performed solo and in groups and also appeared in movies, documentaries, music-videos and theatre plays. He studied art in Vienna before moving to Berlin.

As a genderqueer trans*man LCavalieros creativity is to some extent consumed by the survival in everyday life, but also fueled by the will to change a heteronormative system and stand up against intersecting forms of discrimination.

Diversity at Clubs & Events

Kunstquartier Projektraum, Wed 01.02.2017, 14:00

Booty Bootique Soundsystem, Institut für Zukunft, SchwuZ, UH Festival, Unsound, VIA, XXY