Kristiina Männikkö[FI]

Photo by Pietro Vesa.

Kristiina Männikkö is a Finnish DJ whose sets convey a dark mysticism, but never at the expense of danceability. 

Männikkö has a penchant for all sounds from techno to new wave, and from EBM to electro. Always present in her sets is her signature whipping snare drum, used to propel listeners towards the dancefloor. 

Making a name herself across Helsinki clubs such as Kaiku and Ääniwalli, Männikkö has become one of the city’s most hyped DJs. She can also be found weaving together spiritual electronic tracks on Radio Helsinki.

Männikkö has appeared across the Scandinavian festival circuit, at events such as Finland’s Flow Festival, Norway’s Insomnia Festival, and Sweden’s Intonal, DJing alongside techno heavyweights Peter Van Hoesen and Legowelt, among others.

As If We Were Loved

Panorama Bar, Fri 01.02.2019, 23:59

Kristiina Männikkö, TSVI, BadSista, The Black Madonna, DJ Rachael, Saoirse