KerriOake is the new collaboration between Berliners Samuel Kerridge and OAKE’s Eric, allied to create a dark dance experience in the form of a back-to-back DJ set. Already holding strong reputations of their own on the music periphery, the producers have previously worked together under the live act, UF.

England born and Berlin-based, Samuel Kerridge was immediately met with high esteem in electronic music circles, releasing numerous signature albums since 2012. His debut, Auris Interna, out on the prestigious Horizontal Ground label, was followed by two records on Regis’ Downwards and another release on James Ruskin’s Blueprint Records. Kerridge’s industrial-influenced music explores the relationship between rhythm and sound design, with enough noise and distortion to pummel the techno out of anything with eardrums. With his wife, Hayley, Kerridge also co-founded the Contort daytime series in Berlin, successfully aiming to bring innovative and alternative experimental music options to the city. Their new namesake label will release its first album, Always Offended Never Ashamed, by Kerridge himself, in February 2015.

OAKE is the alias of emerging Berlin duo Eric and Bathseba, who together alchemize their own variant of dark, atmospheric techno inspired by British post-Industrial acts and something of the occult. Citing Coil and Nurse With Wound as influences, OAKE’s ominous, decaying soundscapes are cut through with stuttering, hypnotic percussion and Bathseba’s sibylline vocals.Their debut EP, Offenbarung, was released on Downwards in April 2013, and followed later that year by a second 12", titled Vollstreckung. OAKE’s full length album and third release appropriately titled Auferstehung, meaning resurrection, was also released on Regis’ Downwards in the fall of 2014.

Beta I

YAAM III, Sat 24.01.2015, 23:00

Franz Bargmann, OAKE, Grebenstein, Zamilska, Shaddah Tuum, KerriOake