Photo by Fredrik Andersson Andersson.

DJ and producer KABLAM (aka Kajsa Blom) was born by the Swedish westcoast, and moved to Berlin in 2012. She started her career as a DJ, as one of the residents of Berlin’s Janus party alongside co-residents Lotic and M.E.S.H. Janus is now a label and has held parties at Berghain, booking producers and DJs such as Arca, DJ Hvad, Total Freedom, Nigga Fox, and more.

In keeping with her Janus peers, Blom’s style experiments with the radical possibilities of music, of what a club environment is or can be, of what a dance floor looks and feels like. Her sets incorporate novel bangers from reggaeton to hardstyle. As a DJ, she manipulates digital tracks, taking advantage of the advanced possibilities offered by CDJs. She likes to play and mix contrasting genres, finding imaginative points of entry and combinations between them, using the parameters of space rather than time to structure the music. She is also active as a producer and remixer. Her samples and tweaks imaginatively synthesise references to a wild range of sound worlds, from choral singing to death metal to baile funk.

Blom is affiliated with the Stockholm-based label Staycore and has collaborated with and made a remix for Dinamarca. In June 2016, Janus published KABLAM's first original release – Furiosa. At CTM 2018 she will be joining gabber legends DJ Panic & Darkraver for a night devoted to the genre.


Berghain, Fri 02.02.2018, 22:00

Kilbourne, KABLAM, DJ Panic, HAJ300, Marc Acardipane, HDMIRROR, Darkraver, WIXAPOL S.A., Philip Vermeulen – "Physical Rhythm Machine_Boem Boem" with Lakuti, Sam Barker

Flows II

Panorama Bar, Thu 04.02.2016, 23:59

Nidia Minaj, nkisi, Jlin, KABLAM

Theta I

Panorama Bar, Thu 29.01.2015, 23:59

Errorsmith, Moon Wheel, Sherwood & Pinch, rRoxymore, KABLAM

Berlin Current x Janus @ Unsound

Unsound Festival, Fri 17.10.2014, 23:00

Amnesia Scanner, KABLAM, Lotic, M.E.S.H., Total Freedom, TCF

Polymorphism #12 x Janus

Berghain, Fri 10.10.2014, 23:59

KABLAM, TCF, DJ Hvad, Boychild, Lotic, Jam City, Total Freedom, M.E.S.H.