Jon Davies[UK]

Photo by Jacob King.

Based in Liverpool, Jon Davies is a producer under the alias Kepla, journalist, events organiser, and researcher. He has written about the relationship between politics, arts and music for Dazed, The Skinny and is currently a reviews contributer for The Wire.

In his 10 years living in Liverpool he has helped organise platforms for public discourse, from discussing the Desire for Safer Spaces, Anxiety of the Art World, to hosting a workshop series on utopian thinking as part of The Liverpool Biennial. In 2017 Davies completed his postgraduate research diploma at the University of Liverpool, writing on underground music in relation to emerging digital interfaces and networks, leading him to present his talk 'What Does It Mean To Be Underground in 2018?' at Rewire Festival.

As a musician Davies, as Kepla, has recently collaborated with media theorist DeForrest Brown, Jr. for the two full length LPs Absent Personae (2017) and The Wages Of Being Black Is Death (2018), both released by US label PTP. The two albums meditate on the black body as a theatre of trauma and alienation, and currently the duo are working on a performance practice entitled Substantia Nigra. He also co-produced The Happy Jug with Nathan Jones released on Entr'acte in 2018, reflecting on the emotional and physical suffering of austerity politics under Conservative rule. He has also performed with numerous artists in various ensembles, most notably as a section conductor for Rhys Chatham's A Crimson Grail in 2012.

As part of Liverpool experimental music community Davies co-founded Deep Hedonia in 2012, an event series which brought the cutting edge of electronic music to the North West, as well as creating a commissioning platform for new audiovisual works for local artists. Davies has also assisted in staging numerous events, including Different Trains at Metal, Future Everything, Liverpool Biennial, Tate Liverpool, and Abandon Normal Devices.

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