Jason Hou[CN]

Beijing-based producer Jason Hou is part of Dohits and 2nd Sense Audio. His music is an exciting fusion of club music with traditional Chinese instrumentation, and forms part of the innovative, new wave of young club producers emerging from China.

His album 生 (Sheng) was released on Dohits in 2017 and samples Chinese “melodic death metal” band Frosty Eve, and evidences a range of influences from grime to hip hop. “Qi” is a fragmented, bassy fusion of club rhythms and Chinese melodies, while “Peking 2045” is the sonic incarnation of a futuristic, cyber-punk Beijing. The album was preceded by Hou’s EP 原 (Origin) in 2016, which samples Chinese ethnic minority folk music, and is also shaped by Chinese, African and Latino rhythms. Hou has also remixed the sounds of traditional Peking opera, in a self-released project that was uploaded to Soundcloud in 2016.

Sounds of China’s Underground

Kunstquartier Studio 1, Thu 01.02.2018, 12:30

GOOOOOSE, 33EMYBW, Hyhp11E, Jason Hou, Mollie Zhang


Panorama Bar, Thu 01.02.2018, 23:00

Perera Elsewhere, Jason Hou, Jana Rush, Champion with MC Serious, Hyph11E