Ivy Lab[UK]

North London trio Ivy Lab were brought together out of a shared enthusiasm for experimentations on the fringes of the Drum’n’Bass scene. Several years on from that initial coming together, the collective have earned a place in “Thetop 10 DJ’s of 2015” (Mixmag) and propagated a new generation of sub-genres housed within the framework of their 20/20 LDN night and label.

Boasting a crew comprising of both recently established and veteran talent, the individual Ivy Lab members have enjoyed a rich vein of success, which, for some of them, dates back a decade and spans feats ranging from remixing the Mercury-nominated Kate Tempest, to engineering and remixing for Goldie, to soundtracking for American History X director Tony Kaye. Collective elder Gove Kidao (Sabre) had been plying his trade since the mid noughties for labels such as Critical Music, Metalheadz and Renegade Hardware. J Fogel (Stray) commands an inventive catalogue of music primarily for Exit Records, noted for its early-adoption of themes that have gone on to codify the ‘Halftime’ movement. Laurence Reading (Halogenix) is the most recent of the trio to leave his mark with his All Blue and Her Waves EPs, and an established songwriting relationship with hotly tipped British singers, Wolfie & Roses Gabor.  

Ivy Lab first came to prominence around 2012 as a drum’n’bass act working predominantly for the Critical Music label through which their anthemic debut single “Oblique” was released. Tracks like “Live on your smile” , “20 Questions”, and “Make it Clear” alongside a series of well-received remixes for artists and labels including Sub Focus (Universal), TC (3beat) and Anushka (Brownwood) further captured the trademark soulful-cum- melancholic sound the trio had become celebrated for.

Several years on from their initial offerings, the collective now find themselves at the apex of the ‘Halftime’ movement - a motley assortment of actors from across the bass music landscape applying their sonic-heritage to experiments with hip-hop and drum machine electronica. The trio further piloted the exploration of this new sound with the birth of the 20/20 LDN clubnight. A year after its launch at a humble 200 cap gig venue, the event was drafted into the Columbo Group empire and now resides at their flagship South London premises Phonox, where it has been described as “ultra innovative” (Timeout Magazine) and a “London standout” (Mixmag). The pioneering spirit on show at the clubnights served as the raison d’être for the 20/20 LDN record label; minted in 2015 and launched with the pseudo- mixtape/compilation LP, Ivy Lab presents 20/20 Volume 1.

Native Sketches

YAAM III, Sat 03.02.2018, 23:00

Neven b2b Akuipuss, Soda Plains, NUXXE feat. Coucou Chloe + Sega Bodega + Shygirl, Ivy Lab, Ikonika