The vocalist, author, playwright, director, healer and sound artist Ione incorporates her expertise in dreams, mythology, divination and the creative process into a diverse range of expressive pursuits. Ione has worked closely with experimental musician and accordion player Pauline Oliveros, with whom she also co-manages the Deep Listening Institute, for decades.

Among Ione’s self-directed plays are Njinga the Queen King, the dance opera Io and Her and the Trouble with Him, The Lunar Opera, and Deep Listening for _Tunes. Her written works include the memoir Pride of Family, Four Generations of American Women of Colour, Nile Night and Remembered Texts from the Deep. Her experimental film Dreams of the Jungfrau was shot in the mountains of Switzerland. Pauline Oliveros has contributed sound design for the majority of Ione’s films and plays and is also a collaborator in the evolving project The Nubian Word for Flowers, a Phantom Opera, an exploration in conjunction with several Egyptian artists of the “deep dreams…of the colonial mind”. Ione’s multifarious and cross-medial activities are united in their effort to foster a harmonious, reflected and regenerative world community.

Ione will present her fluency as an improvising vocal artist alongside Oliveros at HAU1.

Mountain Above / Fire Below; Now

HAU1, Fri 05.02.2016, 19:00

Pauline Oliveros & Ione