İnsanlar is a folk-fusion trio from Istanbul whose psychedelic, largely improvisational performances take their cues from Anatolian rock, electronic dance music and Alewi religious poetry. İnsanlar, meaning "humankind" in Turkish, was formed in late 2010 for a performance at Minipop, an Anatolian pop/rock revival mini-series inaugurated at the Istanbul club Minimüzikhol.

Its two founding members, Baris K and saz player Cem Yıldız, were both active in Istanbul's vibrant music scene—a veteran DJ, Baris K had made a name for himself with a series of compilations that shed light on Turkey's little-known heritage of psychedelic funk and cosmic disco from the '60s and '70s. The band continued to perform with a rotating cast of members, including Turkish hip hop superstar Kabus Kerim, Baba Zula dancer Bahar and percussionist Sinan Tansal from iconic rock bands Karapaks and Mavi Sakal. It eventually settled into its permanent formation as a trio with drummer Alican Tezer, an alumnus of groups like Ayyuka, Büyük Ev Ablukada and ex-Athena.

The band's self-described shamanistic techno-folk hybrids, combined with their energetic, almost punkish attitude, created a loyal following around their early shows. Their first single, “Kime Ne,” which featured the words of beloved 17th and 16th-century Turkish poets Kul Nesimi Pir Sultan Abdal, inaugurated Barış’ Aboov Plak label in 2013. Two years later, the record was reissued on UK label Honest Jon’s alongside a rework from Chilean techno don Ricardo Villalobos, helping to bring the group to recognition and imagination around the world.


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