Imogen Heap & collaborators[UK]

Imogen Heap is a Grammy Award-winning English singer, composer and songwriter from Havering, London. Her talent spans from the craft of songwriting to elaborate, live multi-instrumental improvisations, building on a unique voice, classical training and unusual tech-savvness.

Self produced, independent, engaged, she blurs the boundaries between pure artforms and creative entrepreneurship and uses her knowledge of the web and social networking to communicate and collaborate with her loyal following in pioneering ways.

Much more than a studio rat, she is an accomplished performer having toured the worldwith 4 albums: iMegaphone, Speak for Yourself, Details (produced/written with Guy Sigsworth in their duo, Frou Frou), and the 2009 Ellipse earning her a Grammy and Ivor Novello award. Her graceful tunes, such as signature track, ‘Hide & Seek,’ have populated movies and TV shows, and frequently accompany dance and theatre performances. More recently, Heap is being sampled by a whole new generation of young rappers and producers. Now, in demand and at the peak of already 15 years of diversified career experiences, she is enjoying exploring how her ‘musical ecosystem’ can have a positive impact by getting involved in creative projects that think big and outside the box.

Imogen Heap will be accompanied by Dr. Kelly Snook and Hannah Perner-Wilson during the presentation.


Dr. Kelly Snook (US)

Dr. Kelly Snook is Imogen’s studio and technology manager. She is embarking on a new career, joining Team Heap via a circuitous route that included a Ph.D. in Aeronautics and Astronautics from Stanford University, an 18-year career as a NASA Researcher and manager, and a Master’s Certificate (almost) in Music Production from Berklee School of Music (online). One aspect of her work at NASA took her all over the world to extreme environments such as the mid-ocean ridges, the high arctic, and the deserts of Chile and the American Southwest,where she helped NASA prepare for human scientific exploration of the Moon and Mars. Kelly (only half-)jokes that, naturally, being a NASA Scientist also prepared her towork with Imogen Heap.

Hannah Perner-Wilson (US)

Hannah Perner-Wilson is a futuristic DIY e-texile (electronic textiles) expert who combines conductive materials and craft techniques. She is developing new styles of building electronics that emphasize materiality and process, and publishes her research online to support her vision for “electronic diversity” or increasingly personalized technologies. She holds a BA in Industrial Design from the University for Art and Industrial Design, Linz and an MA in Media Arts and Sciences from the MIT Media Lab and forms the collective KOBAKANT with Mika Satomi.


MusicMakers Hacklab – Day 2: Inside Technology And Process

Kunstquartier Projektraum, Tue 29.01.2013, 11:00

Ongoing workshops, plus presentations by Imogen Heap, Native Instruments and Ableton.