Hunni'd Jaws[US/DE]

Hunni’d Jaws’ sound embodies an enthralling, no-boundaries approach to club music in which the ugly is embraced alongside the sublime. The DJ and producer is half of Berlin Community Radio’s Call Dibs and a founding member of collective and tutorship programme No Shade.

Hunni'd Jaws is best known for an approach to mixing that shatters the club mold, perhaps due to an upbringing that exposed her to jazz, merengue, reggae, pop, and even new wave and punk. In her sets, dystopian beats meet iridescent island rhythms and infectious breaks. Her ever-transforming, eclectic style storms through ballroom, classic rave, techno-grime hybrids, latinx, and beyond, delivering a welcome dose of fun to a city whose dominant aesthetic lies in dead-serious, dark techno. She’s earned herself a reputation as a shapeshifting DJ whose sound is sensual, visceral, disorientating, and euphoric.

On Call Dibs, her radio show with fellow DJ and producer Dis Fig, the two program a series of up-and-coming club acts, and it’s clear that they have their fingers on the pulse of the Soundcloud underground – “[g]oing through the show’s archive is like reading a who’s who of upcoming [DJ]s” (Levels Are Very High).

Another project of hers includes No Shade, which she runs alongside Linnéa, Carmel Koster, and Polymaze. Together they promote access and empowerment in electronic music through organising a programme that offers training and resource access to new female and non-binary DJs.