Hibotep’s music transcends physical and spiritual boundaries. Playing music from all corners of the world, though largely rooted in African and Arab traditions, she rejects rules and conventions in favour of embracing her rebellious nature, encouraging her listeners to do the same.

Working across music, fashion, installation, and film, polymath Hibotep is a crucial force in Kampala’s new generation of vibrant creatives. When it comes to music, she produces, raps, and DJs, and has become a regular at the Kampala’s underground clubs and parties. In her sets, Kenyan taraab and Moroccan gnawa collide with trap and hip hop; her signature sound has seen her grace the likes of Nyege Nyege Festival (UG), TodaysArt (NL), and Sónar Barcelona (ES).

Prismatic Spiral

SchwuZ I, Sat 01.02.2020, 22:00

Slim Soledad, Hibotep, Teto Preto, Bbymutha, 3Phaz, Debmaster & MC Yallah, Sicaria Sound