Henrik Jungaberle[DE]

Dr. Henrik Jungaberle (*1967) is an author and social scientist working in prevention and drug research. His focus is on transdisciplinary research in the fields of psychotherapy, psychoactive substances, non-problematic forms of consumption, and the psychedelic experience.

Jungaberle worked at the Universitätsklinikum in Heidelberg for 18 years and has led DFG and EU projects. He is particularly interested in how to develop an inclusive and integrative approach to psychoactive substances. He is the founder of the MIND Foundation and sees altered waking states ("Rausch") as an opportunity to address the art of the existential production of self and world. He lives and works in Berlin. 

Sound, Psychedelics, Repetition, (Dis-)Function

Kunstquartier Studio 1, Sun 28.01.2018, 14:00

Stefan Römer, Henrik Jungaberle, Ivo Gurschler