Photo by Larisa Tandem.

Ghettoraid—eight freaks who love ghetto house. At their vibrant, rowdy nights, don't just expect dancemania classics—come for anything and everything including footwork, ghettotek, Baltimore club, electro, and maybe even a bit of hip hop nestled in amongst 140 bpm bangers. You’ll find this variety of styles in their upcoming compilation Ghettoraid Vol. 1.

Their story began in 2018 when members of Fucks & Friends and Some Lush Frequencies planned a ghetto house night in a small, dingy Berlin location. The idea was shelved until Young Lychee organised an impromptu session, during which it was realised that and $ombi had the exact same ghetto house vision. It was clear that a collaboration was in order. Bombe Deluxe members Tamila and Souci joined and thus Ghettoraid was born.

Ghettoraid share a philosophy with many in Berlin: acceptance and diversity, incorporating humour along the way. Why take yourself seriously while playing these songs? Lyrics about ass and dick are what make the genre fun and uniquely engaging. Ghettoraid pushes ghetto house forward, developing their own take on it, which combines overt sexuality and positivity. Their range of backgrounds helps on this front.

Mutable Melt

Griessmuehle II, Sat 25.01.2020, 23:00

Ghettoraid takeover with:, Souci, Tamila, Turk & Fin, Young Lychee, $ombi, DJ Fucks Himself