Georg Klein[DE]

Georg Klein is a composer as well as sound, video, and media artist. He has lived in Rome, Los Angeles, and Istanbul, and has been based in Berlin since 1987. He has developed a multifaceted artistic practice employing sound, video, text, and photography. In his installations and interventions—in particular those in public spaces—he intensifies the visual, acoustic, situational and political aspects of the space into an area of tension in which visitors become involved either on an interactive or participatory basis.

With his site-specific installations as well as his concert works and radio play-like sound walks, Klein challenges his public’s perception of the border between art and reality. He plays with trans-border, audio-visual communication spaces using techniques such as the artistic fake that lead the recipient into an uncertain terrain, to question identities, and to engage in critical reflection.

Soundings in Public – Public Sounds: Artistic Notions of Public Space

Kunstquartier Studio 1, Sun 31.01.2016, 13:30

Alya Sebti, Anna Raimondo, Georg Klein, Nicola Müllerschön, Dana Whabira. Host: Julia Gerlach