Felix K[DE]

Berlin native Felix K. designs structural techno for a drum and bass bpm rate.  He is closely affiliated with Berlin-based techno collective, Dystopian, and co-captains Hidden Hawaii, a techno label rooted in drum and bass.

The label began releasing music in its most current formation in 2008, including his debut 2013 full length, Flowers of Destruction. The concept behind the record, he stated in an interview with the music blog TEA, is “dedicated to catching the beauty of destructive moments. They mean harm on the one side, but combined with slowness, they might also be a catalyst for beauty. Flowers are like explosions in slow motion.”

He also helped launch Alpha Cutauri, a project from Leipzig-based label Alphacult Records, to which he contributed the first release, Alpha Cutauri I, in 2013.

Felix K. also works as a music journalist.

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Berghain, Thu 30.01.2014, 22:00

Owen Roberts Ensemble, CM von Hausswolff, Samuel Kerridge, Porter Ricks, Hypnobeat, Felix K